Out of sight, out of mind, but always working away in the background!

Not enough hours in the day?

We’re here to help. 

Pocket Watch Assistant Ltd is here to provide virtual administration and management support services to property owners and developers, multiple and small business owners.

Virtual Assistant specialising in property services, Cumbria, North West, UK

How can we help?

Pocket Watch Assistant Ltd was established to assist businesses with their essential back-office tasks.  With a clear aim of being the time you don’t have, using knowledge and experience of over 20 years working in the industry.

From being your virtual, property or administrative assistant looking after your property services, maintenance, coordinating works schedules and tracking development budgets; to keeping you on target and holding you accountable by looking after your emails and diary, the team at Pocket Watch Assistant Ltd can help.

Our Values

Passion, Commitment and Dedication – For your business, your clients, your team as much as within my own business

Time – Pocket Watch Assistant Ltd is the time you don’t have

Trust and Discretion – With open ears and safe hands

Tracey Robinson

Managing Director & Founder

Having established the business in 2020, Pocket Watch Assistant Ltd has gone from strength to strength. Based on solid experience and a passion to help and improve fellow businesses, Tracey and her team are here to take the pressure off you and your back-office tasks to allow you to get back to fronting your fantastic business.

You are one click away from regaining control by working with a

Virtual Assistant based in the North West

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