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Asbestos Surveys

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Do you need one?

Here are 10 reasons you might find you need one:

  • Management Asbestos Surveys – If your non domestic property was built before 2000, there is a legal duty to have an asbestos survey in place. The duty is imposed by the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. A management survey is carried out to discover potential materials that contain ACM’s. The management survey is the starting point for ongoing asbestos management within a property.
  • Refurbishment/Demolition Survey – If you’re planning work on a property that exceeds the scope of the original survey.
  • Asbestos Management Plan – If you have asbestos within a property, you need to plan and record how you will manage the material, keeping occupants, tradesmen and visitors safe from exposure.
  • Asbestos Management Plan Annual Update – Frequent monitoring required annually to ensure there is no evidence of disturbance, degradation or risk changes. Products should be re-inspected annually unless the risk is low and you have the appropriate controls in place.
  • Entering a Lease – If you look after the maintenance of the property, then you’ll be responsible for the asbestos.
  • Exiting a Lease and Dilapidations – Ensure you’ve kept asbestos information up to date. If you don’t comply you may be charged as part of the dilapidations process.
  • Buying a Property – Buying a property pre 2000, you should ideally have an asbestos survey. If you purchase the property without a survey and later find out it contains ACM’s, then it becomes your problem.
  • Selling a Property – Sellers often only encounter the need for a survey when a buyer request. It is not illegal to sell a house with asbestos, but you should disclose it if you are aware.
  • Utility Company Installing Cables and or Rewires – A management survey will not suffice for this, you will be required to have a refurbishment/demolition survey to reflect any impending work to the fabric of the building when upgrading.
  • Local Authority Requirement – You may have planning permission for a new development or extension. You may be required to supply an appropriate asbestos survey to the local authority.
  • Landlord Common Areas – As a landlord looking after commercial or residential properties, the legislation requires you to be aware of asbestos in those “common areas” of the property that you control. They include hallways, stairwells, roof spaces and car parking areas.
  • Moving Property into a Pension – If you are a director whom is moving a property into a pension agreement you may be required to have up to date asbestos information so they can value the asset with this in mind.




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