Out of sight, out of mind, but always working away in the background!

Every business has a cog or two!

There is no way a business can run without any cogs in it at all now is there!

I put my hands up and admit that there is not a chance my business would still be running now without:

  • My own sheer determination, even during those days I’ve thought about handing in the towel. Those days exist, I’m not going to waffle on and say how amazing it is every day because I’d be talking rubbish and that’s not me!
  • Both my electronic diary and paper diaries are my life, both personal and business…
  • Toggl is absolutely a godsend for tracking the time I work for my clients, it’s amazing to see how time can quickly zip by!
  • Onedrive my electronic filing system of dreams, housing all of my important documents in one place.  I’ve been pretty much paperless since starting my business, only a paper diary and some note pads.
  • Click up is my hub of activity, from CRM, to various to-do lists and social media ideas, drafts to scheduling allocation
  • Smarterque continually rolls, it reuses content on LinkedIn and Facebook, so I can turn more content out, without having to continually think and schedule. It also swiftly pulls through my blogs from my website too.  To be totally honest, there is so much more I could do here if I had more time.
  • The Pocket Watch Assistant Team – from my associates to my go-to IT guy, to my accountants
  • The Pocket Watch Assistant Clients – I mean they are something else…

That’s only a small number of cogs!

Let me know what your top 3 business cogs are – I want to hear what they are.

Talking about cogs, I must swiftly move on to the next task on my list.

Until next time!


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