Out of sight, out of mind, but always working away in the background!

It’s been a busy period!

Did you notice I skipped a month?

I usually try to post once a month, truth is, I’ve been busy!  I took some time out in June to go on holiday, our first holiday abroad since before Covid.  It was so nice to have that break.

However, since returning, I’ve been kept on my toes, with current clients, enquiries and family life.

A huge achievement for my team and I was signing up a wonderful new client requiring 20 hours per week assistance – which is a record for us.  15 has been the maximum number of required hours until now.  We are in full swing of the onboarding of this client who will be looked after by 2 of my team going forward.

August, I may slip off socials a little – it’s the last Summer before our little girl starts nursery and if I’m honest I don’t want to be tied up thinking of content when I should be spending time with her.  Fear not I will be back in full swing come September.

Even bigger news for September if you’ve missed my recent posts, I will be opening up availability to work with me directly.  So, if you think this may be you, get in touch with me, let’s have a chat, and put a plan in place ahead of the school holidays.

Until next time!


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