Out of sight, out of mind, but always working away in the background!

June was a celebration!

Pocket Watch Assistant celebrated its first business birthday!

This business was set up during the first lockdown and has been life-changing.  I set up the business to regain control of my work life balance and to help business owners do the same by using my business to tackle those essential Administration tasks.

I would be lying if I said it has been plain sailing.  It has been truly hard work and a lot of gruelling hours have been sacrificed to make it work and make it happen.

From feeling like a failure expecting miracles in the early days to the visual confidence and mindset shift 12 months in.

There have been hights and lows, mistakes made, but I’ve picked myself up and learnt from them by driving my business forward.

I have met some extraordinary people on this journey, many of whom I consider friends, to the clients who pulled out the wild card and took a chance on Pocket Watch Assistant.

I openly shout from the roof tops that Pocket Watch Assistant is a SUCCESS, built from scratch with pure grit and determination.

I cannot wait to continue this journey and see what the future holds.

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