Out of sight, out of mind, but always working away in the background!


As a successful multiple business owner, property owner/developer and or an entrepreneur – how do your days usually look?

🎇Hectic/out of control?

🎇Drive from one business to another?

🎇Unorganised diary/tons of phone calls to make?

🎇Impossible to keep up with email traffic?

🎇Team require instructions?

🎇Spreadsheets to compile/manage, projects/documents to plan/keep track of budgets?

🎇Invoices to compile, paying suppliers/your team?

🎇Your day flashes by at the speed of light and you play catch up in the evening!

🤔Sound familiar? This unfortunately is the reality for many!

However, what if I told you there was a solution? Wouldn’t you prefer to:

✔️Be in control

✔️Drive to your businesses knowing someone has your back coordinating in the background

✔️Have information prepared for meetings and feel confident that your diary is superbly organised

✔️Let someone deal with your list of calls

✔️Have someone manage your emails. Imagine not having to look at your emails for a whole day!

✔️Have someone delegate work to your team

✔️Have a spreadsheet whizz compiling schedules, instructing works, ordering materials and keeping a firm track of your project budget

✔️Have someone compile invoices, chase payments, pay suppliers/employees

✔️Leave work on time and or have a day off to spend time with family

✔️Free up your evenings

💥Sounds incredible right?!

🌟Here’s the thing, hiring a VA such as myself would be that step forward to regaining your sanity and I have plenty of experience when it comes to juggling multiple companies. I know how frustrating it is when you receive an invoice addressed to the wrong company. Also – you’re not tied to an employment contract.

What is stopping you? Get in touch with me – let’s come up with a plan and kick reality on it’s bum today!

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