Out of sight, out of mind, but always working away in the background!


Hello – I am Tracey, and I am the founder of Pocket Watch Assistant! I have had many new followers recently and wanted to say hello.

About me
I am a wife and a mummy to three beautiful girls (1 toddler, 2 dogs and a puppy). Yes I am a dog mummy! I am a farmer’s daughter and live in the South Lakes. Not forgetting the motorsport and exercise enthusiast within me, we drove a motorhome around Europe before arriving at our final stop – Spa for the Formula 1 Grand Prix when our little girl was just 6 months old.

How did I get to where I am now?
I started my Virtual Assistant journey in June 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, initially to work alongside my employed role. However, in October I decided to bite the bullet and take on my journey full time. I am loving the journey I am on, friends made, friends to be found, many curbs and lessons along the way, but without those it wouldn’t be a journey would it?

After working with a variety of businesses over the last 20 years, I decided to take that next step with the knowledge taught to me over the years and work for myself, offering assistance to multiple businesses. How did I get to that step? Returning to work following the birth of my toddler 2 years ago. They say your life changes after having children – I didn’t believe them. But, I found the juggle of being a mummy, wife, friend and full time
employee tough – mum guilt exists! The lockdown helped push me off that step, would I have jumped had Covid-19 never existed? Who knows!

My business has grown and I am further along my journey than I was back in June, I have been able to re take control of my life, prioritise what is right for my family and I, continue to work on my own self-care, as well as assisting some wonderful businesses out there.

I feel very lucky indeed!

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