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TIPS for avoiding Procrastination

Let’s face it we’ve all been there, haven’t we! Firstly, don’t ever think you’re being lazy…you’re not!
Procrastination is an obstacle, it can be a hurdle in the way of your full potential. But what is it?
Basically, it means you might put off doing something you need to do until the last minute!
  1. Do you know what triggers you to fall into procrastination? Maybe you’re struggling with a task, writing an email to a work project or the dreaded social media content!
  2. Don’t punish yourself, at least you’ve recognised the trigger…
  3. Agh distractions…if you know what distracts you, eliminate it before you are due to start something where you know you may trigger into procrastination. For me, it could be my content planning and being distracted by scrolling social media…literally, just throw the phone out of the window, lock it in a cupboard… whatever helps!
  4. Peak time is the key! Do you know when you are most actively engaged in work mode? Use that period to tackle your most difficult task. I for one never ever leave the most difficult task till the end of the day, it’ll never get done!
  5. A Pep talk, reward and start easy! Give yourself a few minutes to motivate yourself…come on we all talk to ourselves right…wait, that’s not just me is it? Think of a nice reward at the end of “Getting this sh*t done” and start your tasks with something easy to get you rolling
What motivation do you give yourself when things have become a bit icky in the procrastination settings?

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