Out of sight, out of mind, but always working away in the background!

You didn't grow your business to sit at a desk, did you?

Delegate those back-office tasks and get back to what you do best at the front.

As a business owner, you are passionate, committed and beyond dedicated to your business. I share these qualities and implement them into the assistance I give every single one of my clients. My clients; their businesses, team and their own clients are just as important as my own business. Each are different, with different requirements, but, they enjoy one common benefit…they go about their day with the full confidence that my team and I are working away for their benefit in the background!

Why hiring a Virtual Assistant will change your life and your business

Maximise time

Free up your time

Say goodbye to wasted hours sat at a desk during the evenings and weekend. With varying retainer packages, and flexible services, you only pay for what time you need.

Save money

No added employment costs

Enjoy the benefits of a personal assistant without having to commit to employment and salary, sick, holiday pay, pension contributions, training and system expenses.

improve mindset

Regain control of your work-life balance

Delegate that work, enabling you to continue to grow your business. Enjoy more time with family knowing your behind the scenes Virtual Assistant is still ticking away keeping you on target.

One of the biggest issues our clients have in common is TIME.

Before coming to Pocket Watch Assistant Ltd, their days could look:

  • Hectic, unorganised and out of control
  • Chaotic diaries and impossible to keep up with email traffic
  • Days flashed by at the speed of light and they then used the evening and weekends to play catch up.

Their work was the boss of them!

Sound familiar?

What would it mean to you to…

  • Feel stress-free and in control
  • Offload those back-office tasks that you avoid, but are an essential part of your business
  • Develop a new idea or concentrate on what you do best 
  • Take a day off and never need to work late

My clients now boss their work and their life! Helping them strive to be the best version of themself.

You are one click away from regaining control by working with a

Virtual Assistant based in the North West

How can we help you?

We work with a whole host of different businesses, both big and small with the aim to help the everyday become easier.

At Pocket Watch Assistant Ltd, we pride ourselves on being able to offer an array of services to help you become more profitable, by organising and coordinating your administration to keep you on target. This enables you to concentrate on other areas of your business, or simply take some time off and avoid working all hours!